The best YouTube channels to watch if you want to lose weight and build up your resistance


I live an active lifestyle. As a young woman who lives in the modern age, I am grateful that I am able to indulge in a variety of activities that would be unbelievable-much less impermissible- for ladies in the earliest eras to even try doing. I work hard and I believe I also deserve to play hard just like the next hardworking male. I am not intent on doing something as awesome as what Amelia Earhart did by being the first female pilot to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Goodness, I am not cut out to be the first female astronaut either. However, I have a great love for sports as well as working out. This blog marks my journey into exploring new things, and I would like to share my experience when I venture into something new. I’d like to share this with my readers so I hope you enjoy!


This particular topic is about the best YouTube channels to watch if you want to lose weight and build up your resistance. Now I have been disappointed with the slim pickings on great YouTube channels for serious weight loss enthusiasts and those who want to develop their resistance. If you are looking for fresh video content, these channels are sure to provide information on fitness, weight loss and resistance building.
One of my favorites is Frugal Fitness TV, the YouTube channel hosted by Mike Schiemer, who is a fitness model, personal trainer, sports nutritionist and writer. Mike designed his video sharing channel to offer cheap solutions for maintaining fitness. I have seen some of his videos and they really do not show him using any equipment in doing exercise routines. At length, the videos talk about body weight. Delivering a multi-faceted playlist, the channel provides health and fitness videos on various topics including Fantastic frugal products, Unbiased fitness product reviews, Frugal feasty recipes, Frugal Fit tips, the frugal life, among many others. The channel has accumulated over 290 videos in its existence. They come with exercises of moderate difficulty.

If you’re into boot camps, Pilates, strength training, sports-specific training, injury rehabilitation, cardio, specialized weight loss programs, strength training, stretching and high-intensity interval training, check out Fitness Blender, which has been recognized for its well-produced videos. By this I mean high clarity and great detail taken into consideration in the production of videos. The channel is moderated or handled by a husband-and-wife team that offers the right methods of losing weight while just staying home. The couple are considered one of the best health gurus on YouTube.who even answer queries that tackle general fitness matters.

Managed and operated by personal trainer Bob Harper, who got featured in the popular TV show “The Biggest Loser”, My Trainer Bob offers a guide for people who want to achieve weight loss by focusing a lot on what they put in their mouth for sustenance, in other words, FOOD, or specifically what you do and do not eat. After all, it remains a fact that diet plays a substantial role in weight loss and fitness maintenance. Bob also notes the importance of mental and spiritual health in your journey to keeping fit and healthy. The channel’s About page says it all: Bob is challenging all of America and the rest of the globe to have control over their lives by making a difference in facing his challenges.

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