Every body type deserves a special workout plan


In spite of the fact that your genes cannot be changed, there are several ways of making the most of your body type so that you get good exercise and lead a meaningful and healthy life. Many fitness experts have created unique workout plans depending on people’s body types, and I have been reading about them for quite a while now.

The way most women look can be categorized depending on four major body types. Pears are said to be a bit heavier on the bottom whereas apples are slightly rounder in the middle. Boyish types are characterized by a lack of curves, although there are many ways you can correct this problem, which is why I think that having a straight body type is actually advantageous.

Finally, the last and apparently, most appealing body type looks like an hourglass. Men are supposed to enjoy this shape the most because the curves are present in the breast and bottom area, and a somewhat smaller waist is needed in order for the shape to be evident. To make matters easier, I am going to give you several examples. Pear-shaped bodies are that of Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez, for example. Oprah’s and Lindsay Lohan’s bodies resemble apples, whereas Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow have androgynous shapes. Two other examples for hourglass body shapes are the ones of Sofia Vergara and Scarlett Johansson.

Now, let me get back to the whole point of this article. Pears have a bit of trouble getting rid of excess fat localized on their bottoms, thighs, and hips. That’s why they have to focus on these specific bodily regions. Some of the exercise women with this body type can do, are criss-cross squat jacks, plank leg sweeps, and skipping lunges. Females with apple-shaped bodies have to focus on their abdomens, which is why it might be a good idea to do some push-up climbers and rear lunge chops.

Boyish shapes have it easy, in a sense, because it’s easier to cover an androgynous body with clothes and other artifices such as a useful bra. However, I have noticed that some of the highly recommended exercises for this type include deadlift overhead presses, lunges, side-to-side blank push-ups, as well as diagonal lunges and curls.

Hourglass bodies have to work on their cardio because all they have to do is maintain their shape and keep it looking as healthy as possible. Try some squats, decline push-ups, and alternating skip-ups.

Whatever your body type, it is important to focus on establishing methods and techniques that can keep you looking and feeling as good as possible. Be sure to eat lots of veggies and enough fruit and drink plenty of water all throughout the day.

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How to learn to defend yourself as a woman

Recently, I was online doing a bit of research regarding the new posts that I would write for the blog when I came across an interesting article on the So Feminine website from the United Kingdom. Basically, this post consisted of several simple moves that every woman should know about when being attacked on the street. I don’t want to be paranoid, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, and so learning how to defend yourself is a good idea if you are a woman.

One of the greatest mistakes that most of us do is that we stop being aware. If you live in a wonderful country such as the United States, for instance, it’s pretty safe to say that you probably feel safe enough when you go out and buy groceries, take the kids to school, drive to work, and any other errands that you might have to do on a regular basis.

The fact of the matter is that the world is not a safe place, any longer, and that’s because crimes happen every day. Whether your potential attacker is strictly interested in stealing your handbag or worse, endangering your physical safety in some way or the other, you simply must know how to escape. Try to keep paying attention to all the spots and people around you whenever you go out. It goes without saying that, should you go out with your girlfriends one evening, it’s very likely that you’re going to have a drink or two, which unfortunately can lead to you being less aware. If that’s the case, be sure to go home with someone you know and trust.

Another tip that I would like to suggest is to use whatever you have available. For example, even 5-inch heels can be quite dangerous when used properly, and your adrenaline levels will inevitably go through the roof if there’s someone threatening you. If you’re in a public place, don’t keep quiet. Scream as hard as your lungs allow you to.

If you have no other means of defending yourself other than attacking your attacker, I recommend aiming at sensitive areas such as the eyes, the nose, the groin, and the throat. Even the knees can be great targets if the person trying to harm you isn’t paying attention. Who knows, maybe he or she might have consumed alcohol, as well.

Don’t be afraid to scratch, pinch, or bite, because some body parts are made to be natural weapons against aggressors. Obviously, being in great shape might even naturally off-put your attacker because he or she might be scared to try to engage in some sort of offense. Don’t be afraid to show off your strength if the occasion arises.

I hope that this article has assisted you and that you might have learned something useful out of it.

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Why I like heavy bag training



As a young woman in today’s modern world, I feel blessed to be able to live an active lifestyle. Unlike our grandmothers and great grandmothers who were kept back from indulging in anything remotely resembling having to be in their undies while participating in any activity, you and I now enjoy a fantastically active lifestyle where we can play as hard as our male counterparts simply because we work just as hard as they do. I love playing sports mainly because all the activity and exertion gives me energy and rejuvenates my being in general.

I started this blog to talk about my experiences as I try out new things. Working out is something I simply can’t live without seven days a week. It keeps me alert and strong. Currently, I have explored heavy bag training because of how it has been lauded for bringing plenty of benefits to active women like me, especially in terms of weight loss and in developing strength, both physical and cardiovascular.


Why engage in heavy bag training?


Used by many professionals, the heavy bag has been instrumental in shaping champion athletes and has enabled many average people to achieve milestones in physical fitness on their own. Primarily the equipment of choice for boxers, the heavy bag is able to improve boxing technique and develop punching power. While striking a heavy bag can demand much from me physically, it provides me with a genuine test for stamina and strength. For my purpose, I use the heavy bag for a full-body workout, but this piece of gear can easily serve to sharpen one’s self-defense skills or develop a muscular and well-sculpted body. It can be a valuable addition to any commercial or home gym setting.

Heavy bag training is a low-cost activity, with only the heavy bag, hand wraps and gloves as your required gear. You won’t have to pay hefty training fees. The equipment is pretty low cost and there’s no complicated setup necessary. Of course, you need to train on a flat surface and with adequate room all around for you to move back-to-front and side-to-side at least three feet.


Heavy bag training improves fitness


With the right intensity for heavy bag training, you can give your cardiovascular system a fantastic workout. Moving around the bag, constantly changing your position, learning to punch, jab and dodge, and developing footwork will provide your cardiovascular system a huge boost, not to mention, how it will help you practice proper respiration so you are not constantly out of breath. This translates to substantial aerobic fitness workouts. For high intensity punching training, I intend to work the bag for two to three minutes and will occasionally do five-minute rounds. With heavy bag training, I can save time as well because there are fewer rest periods. I hope to develop the ability to do this regularly than my current 4-times-a-week regimen. However, I know I can’t rush this so, baby steps.

Heavy bag training improves power


While the heavy bag was designed to provide a means for boxers to work on their punching power, in my case, I have found how beneficial it can be in focusing on as many muscles at a time as possible. I mean, why should you go under the knife for body sculpting when you can just spend a few minutes on your own punching a heavy bag and getting much better and more sustainable results? Throwing a punch with the perfect technique is something I aim for, and I hope to be able to exert the greatest possible force. The best thing is, the bag never hits back for every punch I throw at it 🙂

Heavy bag training improves core stability and coordination.

I gladly anticipate how heavy bag training can contribute to developing my coordination. I move around the bag like a fighter does and throw punch combinations, so I am kept constantly on my toes and have to transfer weight from one foot to the other to be able to land a solid punch. This develops my core coordination, which, in turn, also increases my core stability. I hope to be able to move with the grace of a boxer in the future so I can have excellent posture as well. But that’s not going to be in the near future just yet.



Heavy bag training helps me let off steam while improving my body shape.


Stress is often negative for many of us because of the work we do. The physical exhaustion and aggressiveness of the activity provides an effective way to blow off steam. I mean, it’s a much better way to let go of stress by hitting a heavy bag than landing a punch on a person’s face, right? I concentrate on the bag and imagine it as the challenges at work, then I give it a strong and hard punch, then I feel better already. In fact, heavy bag training has made me more enthusiastic about work than I have ever been.

Another thing about heavy bag training is, although it can’t be taken as pure bodybuilding workout like weight training, it’s pretty good at stripping away body fat and adds detail and hardness to core muscles.



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The best YouTube channels to watch if you want to lose weight and build up your resistance


I live an active lifestyle. As a young woman who lives in the modern age, I am grateful that I am able to indulge in a variety of activities that would be unbelievable-much less impermissible- for ladies in the earliest eras to even try doing. I work hard and I believe I also deserve to play hard just like the next hardworking male. I am not intent on doing something as awesome as what Amelia Earhart did by being the first female pilot to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Goodness, I am not cut out to be the first female astronaut either. However, I have a great love for sports as well as working out. This blog marks my journey into exploring new things, and I would like to share my experience when I venture into something new. I’d like to share this with my readers so I hope you enjoy!


This particular topic is about the best YouTube channels to watch if you want to lose weight and build up your resistance. Now I have been disappointed with the slim pickings on great YouTube channels for serious weight loss enthusiasts and those who want to develop their resistance. If you are looking for fresh video content, these channels are sure to provide information on fitness, weight loss and resistance building.
One of my favorites is Frugal Fitness TV, the YouTube channel hosted by Mike Schiemer, who is a fitness model, personal trainer, sports nutritionist and writer. Mike designed his video sharing channel to offer cheap solutions for maintaining fitness. I have seen some of his videos and they really do not show him using any equipment in doing exercise routines. At length, the videos talk about body weight. Delivering a multi-faceted playlist, the channel provides health and fitness videos on various topics including Fantastic frugal products, Unbiased fitness product reviews, Frugal feasty recipes, Frugal Fit tips, the frugal life, among many others. The channel has accumulated over 290 videos in its existence. They come with exercises of moderate difficulty.

If you’re into boot camps, Pilates, strength training, sports-specific training, injury rehabilitation, cardio, specialized weight loss programs, strength training, stretching and high-intensity interval training, check out Fitness Blender, which has been recognized for its well-produced videos. By this I mean high clarity and great detail taken into consideration in the production of videos. The channel is moderated or handled by a husband-and-wife team that offers the right methods of losing weight while just staying home. The couple are considered one of the best health gurus on YouTube.who even answer queries that tackle general fitness matters.

Managed and operated by personal trainer Bob Harper, who got featured in the popular TV show “The Biggest Loser”, My Trainer Bob offers a guide for people who want to achieve weight loss by focusing a lot on what they put in their mouth for sustenance, in other words, FOOD, or specifically what you do and do not eat. After all, it remains a fact that diet plays a substantial role in weight loss and fitness maintenance. Bob also notes the importance of mental and spiritual health in your journey to keeping fit and healthy. The channel’s About page says it all: Bob is challenging all of America and the rest of the globe to have control over their lives by making a difference in facing his challenges.

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